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Sunday, January 23, 2011

All You'll Ever Need In Life

Stop worrying about having enough of what you need in life and realize it’s always there for the taking.

What are you worried about?
My main downfall has always been worrying. I worry about not having what I need. I worry that I won’t be able to pay my bills. I worry that I’ll lose my home. I worry that I will run out of food, get bored, lose my car, lose my hair, lose my nerve, and not be able to provide for my family. These are legitimate concerns seeing as how no one can know what’s going to come next in their life. But I don’t think we should worry so much. I think that the mystery of life is worth a heartfelt investment. I mean seriously, if we knew what was coming next, what would be the point of living? We would already know the ending. It’s like spoiling a really good novel. I think we should stop trying to spoil our own novel and just let it flow.

So what do you really need?
What do you think you need? A house? A car? A job? Hardly! I mean what do you really actually need in order to live? Let’s ignore what society says we should have for just a second. For right now, there’s no one on Earth except for you and nature. There are no houses. There are no buildings. There are no planes, trains, or automobiles. You are surrounded be bright blue sky, brilliantly lush grass, fertile soil, beautiful animals, sparkling water, and clean fresh air. That sounds refreshing doesn’t it? Everything you need you can find on the land and it’s free. There’s water in the spring. There’s an abundant source of food in the form of wild hogs and flourishing plant life. There’s shelter underneath the trees and in caves. You’ll get plenty of exercise just living from day to day and how could you possibly get bored with so much activity all around you?

Can you think of a need that can’t be addressed naturally without any effort from you or another human being? What are you worried about not having enough of? Journal your thoughts then share your reflections below. If possible, help others see past their own limiting thoughts. Subscribe to comments to follow this discussion.