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The Beginning

Current State as of the beginning of my journey:

I’m happily shacked up with my high school sweetheart. No, we’re not married, but we’re committed to each other on a level that I believe most people will never experience in their lifetimes. We share an unconventional and unconditional love for each other that will allow us to separate if we get bored with each other, but still look out for each others’ best interests.

We have three young boys together that I’m still in progress of bonding with. I suppose the mother role will never truly end. And I wouldn’t mind another addition… I make no other firm claims of having family outside of two of my three brothers. My dad lives in spirit and my mom, well…she lives.

As far as friends, well I don’t have many (like 2). But I’m okay with that because I’d rather have a few really excellent friends than tons of incompatible moochers.

While my family manages to live comfortably, we’re certainly not what you would call rich as far as money goes. I personally don’t think this is an important thing in life since there are other ways of getting what you want without money. Hence, I call it currency.

I have two years of business school under my belt, but I prefer learning from people who’ve lived what I’m trying to accomplish and from my own research and perceptions.

I’m getting a better idea of who I am, but I’m also aware that I have a lot more soul searching to do before I can completely break free of society’s trappings.

I’m athletically built but I’m out of shape. You would be wrong if you think that skinny people are any better than anyone else health-wise. I function just fine but I could use some improvement for energy and to keep everything from falling apart.

I’m happy. I have a really good idea of what I want in life and I have figured out how to get it. I think that’s about as good as it gets. I spend my time enjoying the wondrous experiences and curious objects presented to me in my physical world.