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My Values

I wrote a post about values that I thought were mine, but it turns out my mind was interfering with my choices. When I continued to look over those values, they gave me a path that I did not see myself in for my future as a human. I used my past experiences to develop my future life plan when what I really want is to look into the many future possiblities for myself and create my values from there. By using my creativity to look into the future, I could see that there are hundreds of possible endings to my life. Some outcomes allowed me to live in light and some led me through darkness where there was no love. The values I choose reflect the convergence of each potential path that leads to love and light. These values reflect the true me, right now, in the present, but from a perspective of my physical future.

Without it, I can not achieve my desires. And I figure, why not place high value on my happiness and the belief that I can achieve anything I desire? Right now, it's worth a shot.

In all of my creative endings to my physical life, I live a life of seeing and acceptance. Without diversity, my mind would take over and judge everything before I get a chance to behold it as a part of myself.

I will need the courage to trust my awareness and set aside my roles and past experiences. This courage is simply the courage to live unpredictably in order to grow.

In order to grow and live unpredictably, I will need to be able to adapt to whatever is thrown my way. In a nutshell, this is another form of strength and perserverence.

I understand that I may not always have the family that I currently spend my days with. Things happen. My family values simply imply my loyalty to whomever I choose to share my life with.

I value integrity because it will place my feet squarely on the ground amid all temptations to deviate. It allows me the focus I need to stick to my chosen paths of my physical life, whatever they may be.

What good is this world if you can't enjoy it? By finding the joy in all of my experiences, I can live a healthier, happier existence in the world.

Life is a creative gesture of my greater Being. Just experienceing life alone is creative. I give myself my own perceptions of life. They can't be given to me. I value creativity because I am creativity and to deny that would be to deny my spiritual existence.

I will live out whatever path I choose by these values, but I also understand that at any given moment my personal growth could cause them to change. Nothing is set in stone, nor should it be. I am just grateful for the opportunity to experience everything I have manifested for myself.