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Happiness Lies in Time Travel
Can you imagine being able to do everything you want and having everything you desire? Maybe you want a house on a lake (I do). Perhaps it’s wealth you seek. It doesn’t matter what your desires are, the truth is, our desires were meant to be fulfilled. I’m going to let you in on my secret to living a happy life, but first let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Mariah. Over the past couple of years, I’ve transformed my world into one that allows me to experience all of my desires. This blog is my journal and testament of living a happy life regardless of how weird it makes me appear to be in society.

The Past
I have to admit, I do come from a place of jealousy, ignorance, pity, doubt, and a number of other sub-standard qualities just like the majority of people I meet. Heck, maybe you can relate to them yourself. I stumbled around blindly taking whatever life handed to me and tried to mold myself around some pretty compromising events. The result? I felt like crap everyday. Wouldn’t you rather live a happier life everyday? I do and I’m sure I can safely assume you do too. The choices I made, however, were neither good nor bad (I don’t believe in good or bad choices). I see them as lessons that brought me to the point where I am today. Without the effects of those choices, I would still be spinning my wheels and working some lackluster job. You know… doing the whole Joe Schmoe thing. Not to offend any Joe’s out there, but I think they could be living a much more brilliant life.

The Present
I refuse to allow my roles as a mother, a wife, a student, a writer, or an artist (amongst many others) to define who I am spiritually (which I’ve come to realize is the real me). I live outside of time constraints. I am immortal and I feel completely vibrant because I live in the moment. Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned to do what I want to do at all times and the flow is much more natural than conforming to what society wants to see me doing. I have come to terms with the fact that there are consequences for my actions and I’ve learned to adapt to those consequences for the sake of experiencing my desires. I realize I must be patient in my pursuits. The trade-offs are insignificant compared to living according to society and feeling miserable. Everything I’m living right now comes from my future. I create my world from the future and live it out in the present.

The Future
Did you know that your future is full of opportunities for you to live out today??? All you need to create the life of your dreams is your imagination and your understanding of who you are outside of labels and roles. Your future is your promise to the life you want to lead as long as you take the time to truly find yourself first. Go now to the final years of your life. Imagine how you feel. Imagine yourself surrounded by the people you truly adore. Imagine being surrounded by a comfortable environment. Can you see your perfect life? Now, slowly work your way back through time all the way to the present. What did you have to do to get back here? When you can list these events and start living them right now, you will have found your path to your happiness. Only then will you understand the vivid effects of boundless living that I embrace each and every day.

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