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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

From a Weird Place...

These blog entries have inspired me to live a more full life and as a result I've been giving my life the greatest attention. In a way I have kick started my imagination back into overdrive. I can barely find the time to eat but I'm still determined to see this blog through to the end...wherever that might be. I've been "standing on my own two feet" so to speak (words of wisdom from this guy) and letting creativity guide my actions everyday. I must say, it's a very interesting ride so far and I don't think I want to get off. Some of my off the wall ideas have proven to be dead end ends but I trust that I may be ahead of my time with some of my more frivolous desires for this world. I think a little patience will go a long way, even though that's not one of my strong points. I get bored easily...sigh. I'm still learning to take things slowly.

Anyway, I've been giving my future an awful lot of deep thought over the past few weeks and the same scenes keep playing over and over in my head. Maybe it's time to let these little guys out into the world to see what they can do. This idea is a little more realistic than my previous Experience Project. I still want to see that succeed because i think people have become way too reliant on the convenience of money for getting what they want or need. My new idea is a charitable project that I hope to see come to life by the Spring of 2012. I strongly believe it could materialize before then, but when you're working with other people you have to accept that not everything will be under your direct control. So, realistically speaking, Spring '12 should be enough time to make this happen. What is it you ask? Hmmm... guess you'll have to stick around to find out. All I'm going to say for now is that it's family oriented and it's ...colorful lol. Thanks for sticking around. See you soon :)